Bohemian Sun

Our task for Bohemian Sun was to create a logo and visual identity for the brand that would best capture the essence of their products and brand symbolism.

It is about original, handcrafted sun catchers and crystals that reflect light throughout the room. We complemented the minimalist illustrated icon with a hand holding the sun catcher/crystal, symbolizing the handmade aspect. The framing of the icon represents the shape of a window, which is the ideal place to hang the product. This shape then permeates the entire visual identity.

The logo is complemented by icons that can be used in other graphic outputs. We tuned the color scheme to boho tones, using a color gradient that we also applied in the creation of business cards, flyers, and stickers for the boxes - for a cohesive packaging branding and an even stronger experience when unwrapping it.

logo design, brand identity