Detours Zürich

Detours Zürich is a project aimed at supporting non-profit organizations through unconventional local tours in the city of Zürich. These tours not only support small businesses and non-profit organizations but also guide visitors through places they wouldn't typically explore, seamlessly connecting everything with the theme of each expedition. The goal is for the project's identity to exude a youthful, fresh, sophisticated, and mature vibe.

We created the designe in a minimalist style. The dominant color is bright yellow, combined with white, complemented by muted gray, beige, blue, and light pink. The minimalist logo features an emphasized Ü, stylized as a smiling face, evoking positive emotions and a young friendly approach. Additionally, it is a distinctive and memorable symbol. The letter Ü is modified on one side to resemble an arrow, symbolizing the emphasis on the meaning of the word "detours," reminiscent of traffic signage.

logo design, brand identity, web design, IG content