A beautiful project by Tereza Salte, known on Instagram as @terezainoslo. We have already illustrated two books for her, so when she approached us about creating a logo for her planned store Salted, we were thrilled and looking forward to the project. Since Tereza has lived in Oslo for a long time, she decided to bring a piece of Scandinavia to the Czech Republic through a store focused on children's clothing, for now. The brief was clear - it should have a Norwegian feel to it.

In the logo, we used diagonal lines intersecting the letter S and connected them in the same style in the letter E - as a reference to the typical Norwegian ø. We complemented the logo with an illustration inspired by a lighthouse in Oslo. The goal was not for the logo to appear childish, but rather neutral, minimalist, and timeless. Gradually, we also created other graphic materials for the logo, such as vouchers, gift cards, stickers, silk paper, illustrated posters, web icons, etc. Tereza values clean design and likes to complement it with a unique detail, which we both agreed on and worked well together.

logo design, print